What level am I at?

You feel oppressive about getting in the water, moving in the water or getting out of your depth. You are anxious about putting your head in the water; dislike getting your face or hair wet or think you may have concerns about breathing when you are in the swimming pool. You may not be able to swim at all or can take some strokes but cannot sustain swimming for any real distance (more than 20 metres) without the need for a rest. Or simply you have never been taught to swim and want to start somewhere.

You are comfortable and reasonably confident in the water and can swim a few strokes. You can move away from the poolside and are not afraid of getting out of your depth. Your main concern is technique, stamina or learning a new stroke.

You can swim one or more strokes over a sustainable distance (more than 20 metres). You are confident out of your depth and would like to improve your technique or add a new stroke to your repertoire. You may wish to take some of the effort out of your swimming so you are moving more freely in the water in a streamlined way.

You can swim effectively in two or more strokes. Distance/stamina are not an issue. You swim on a regular basis (two or three times per week) or you are swimming at a competitive level. You need a critical analysis of your performance in the water and hints and tips on improving your overall efficiency.


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