Assessing your needs

Because each of our swimming lessons are tailored to your individual needs, we need to establish your current level to ensure we plan, in advance, your individual lesson plan. This plan is flexible are you achieve your own personal objectives.

Before deciding on your level please consider carefully the following aspects of learning to swim or improving your technique.

Face up to the fact you are going to get wet - totally wet. The reality of swimming requires you to be 95% under the water and 5% above the surface. The average human being has roughly the same density as an onion. Pop one in a washing up bowl to check how much is submerged.

Give some thought to your mental attitude towards learning to swim or improving your technique. The experience is more enjoyable, the results favourable and the sense of achievement greater when you have a very positive attitude. For many people swimming is a lifetime ambition or goal, which has taken years to realise.

When you take the decision to learn to swim that is a major milestone in itself. Congratulate yourself on making the first positive move in learning to swim. Leave your mind open to new learning and enjoyment of simply being in the water.

Think about the budget you will need to learn to swim or improve your technique. It is very difficult to quantify how many lessons each individual will need but you may want to set a budget over a period of time after your first lesson. This way you avoid any anxiety about the cost.

Please use the descriptions on the 'What level am I at' page to determine which level of instruction you require.


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